Indoor air quality. By itself, this phrase may conjure images of sterile hospitals and laboratories. However, where we work, play, and live are equally susceptible to pollutants such as bacteria, allergens, and dirt.

Add a high level of foot traffic, children, and pets into the mix and it’s not hard to imagine how the carpets in our homes can become absolutely choked with detrimental pollutants that can trigger anything from an allergic reaction to an asthma attack.

If you’re moving into a home currently under construction, pollutants can be reduced by airing out new carpet for 72 hours before installation and opting for adhesives that are low in volatile organic compounds during construction.

So what if you’ve been in the same home for awhile and your carpets have simply succumbed to the rigors of pet ownership and child rearing? Luckily, regular carpet steam cleaning is something both new and existing homes can benefit from to improve indoor air quality and your family’s health.

Reduce Health Concerns: Know Thy Enemy

There are many allergens that can find their way into our homes and take up residence in carpet fibers. Without regular cleaning, these interlopers can continually reek havoc on ours and our loved ones health, and include:

  • Pet dander.
  • Dust mites.
  • Cockroach allergens.
  • Lead.
  • Mold.
  • Pesticides.
  • Dirt.
  • Mildew.

As stated earlier, those who live with asthma are highly susceptible to Indoor Air Quality that has been compromised by the above-stated allergens. Also, younger children who spend the majority of their time on the floor are also at risk of accidentally ingesting these pollutants through hand-to-mouth contact.

How Regular, Professional Steam Cleaning Helps

With a truck-mounted steam cleaner, professionals are able to deposit more detergent deeper into the carpet fibers, activate with hot water, and extract more water than a rented extraction machine. Wicking, or the reappearance of stains after cleaning, is one consequence of not applying enough water and/or extraction, as is a “crunchy” feeling after the carpet dries.

Plainly put, rented extraction machines don’t have the onboard horsepower to extract the maximum amount of water, which in turn stays in the carpet and opens the door to old (and new) pollutants to make a comeback.

So what benefits does a truck-mounted steam cleaner have over a rental?

  • Overapplication of cleaning chemicals is reduced (i.e. no crunchy carpet afterwards).
  • High-powered hot water activates the cleaning chemical that goes well over what a rental machine can provide.
  • High-powered suction removes more water, thereby reducing drying times and the possibility of wicking.

Even worse, the misuse of rented chemicals and machines can permanently set stains into the fibers and/or exacerbate existing concerns over indoor air quality control.

What You Can Do to Prevent the Spread of Indoor Pollutants

While it is recommended to vacuum your carpets at least three times a week with a HEPA filter, not all stains and allergens are created equally. Regular visits and carpet cleanings with a professional every six months are the best way to reduce your exposure to indoor allergens, whether it’s at home or the office. Call or text 208-901-1935 for a free estimate.

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