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We are pleased to announce the addition of an important additional carpet cleaning service – carpet protectant! A water- based protective treatment applied to fabrics and fibers after cleaning, this product makes protects carpets. In fact, it makes them resistant to water, oil, and dry soils. It also contains an acid dye resistor. This helps prevent staining from a variety of foods and fluids with synthetic dyes. These treatments create a barrier. As such, the barrier shields carpets from water, oil, and dry soils, ultimately extending their lifespan and preserving their appearance.

Protectant Treatments

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Water-based protective treatments are a specialized class of products that are applied to carpets after a thorough cleaning process. Unlike traditional carpet protectors, which often contain harmful chemicals, these treatments offer environmentally friendly and safe ingredients, making them a preferred choice for homeowners and businesses, alike.

In this guide, we discuss the world of water-based protective treatments. In it, we explore their benefits, mechanisms of action, application processes, and recommended products. Additionally, we will share valuable insights on maintaining carpets after the treatment. 

The benefits of a water-based protective treatments

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Carpet Protectant Increases Stain Resistance

These treatments create a protective barrier that repels water, oil, and dry soils, making it easier to clean spills and prevent staining.

Extended Carpet Lifespan with Protectant

By shielding carpets from damaging elements, water-based protective treatments help maintain their appearance and structural integrity, ultimately prolonging their lifespan. What’s more, they make carpet more resistant to dirt traffic and wear patterns.

Improved Indoor Air Quality with Carpet Protectant

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Unlike traditional carpet protectors, water-based treatments are formulated with eco-friendly ingredients, reducing the risk of harmful chemical exposure and promoting a healthier indoor environment. Furthermore, they make carpet (and air) resistant to dirt, grease, and outgassing from common synthetic dyes and stains.

Carpet Protectant is Cost-Effective

Regularly applying water-based protective treatments can save you money in the long run by reducing the need for frequent carpet replacements and minimizing the cost of professional cleaning services.

Enhances Appearance

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By preventing soils and stains from penetrating the carpet fibers, these treatments help maintain the vibrant colors and pristine appearance of your carpets. Also, they make regular vacuuming and maintenance easier and more efficient

How water-based carpet protectant treatments work

Water-based protective treatments are designed to create an invisible barrier on the carpet fibers, effectively repelling water, oil, and dry soils. This barrier is achieved through a process called “molecular bonding,” where the treatment molecules attach themselves to the individual carpet fibers, forming a protective layer.

Once applied, the treatment molecules align themselves in a specific orientation, creating a hydrophobic (water-repelling) and oleophobic (oil-repelling) surface. This unique property allows spills and soils to bead-up on the carpet’s surface, making them easier to clean and preventing them from penetrating deep into the fibers.

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Furthermore, the treatments we use contain specialized acid dye resistors, which help prevent staining from a variety of foods and fluids containing synthetic dyes. These resistors work by neutralizing the acidic properties of the dyes, rendering them ineffective in adhering to the carpet fibers.

About Kung Fu Carpet Cleaning in Meridian, Idaho

From red wine to puppy accidents, stains come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. And this applies not only to carpet but also to upholstery. No matter how hard you scrub, those tough spots never seem to budge. Instead of relying on do-it-yourself methods, hire our IICRC certified carpet cleaning techs. A veteran-owned and operated company, Kung Fu Carpets and Cleaning Co. offers carpet cleaning services in the Meridian, Boise, and the rest of the Treasure Valley area. We specialize in carpet and upholstery cleaning, pet stain and odor removal, and emergency flood water extraction. And we apply a protectant to every carpet we clean. So, if you call us, you’ll never have to worry about those pesky stains again.

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